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Benefits of Regular Exercise


Getting exercise is extremely important to living a healthy life and you can read further to find out what the benefits of regular exercise can be.  Regular exercise is not just for the gym rat who wants to build muscle mass or the person that wants to lose weight.  By exercising on a regular basis you can not only control your weight and build muscle but also improve your energy levels, combat health problems, and build stronger bones.

Benefits of Regular Exercise

Regular ExerciseThe biggest of the benefits of regular exercise that most people think of is the fact that it can help lose weight.  But once you lose that weight, you should keep exercising in order to maintain your current weight.  Anytime you perform some type of physical activity you will be burning calories.  The more activity you perform and the more intense that activity, the more calories you will burn.
By getting regular exercise you can also increase your energy levels.  This happens because your body is functioning at a more complete level.

By exercising regularly your muscle strength will increase which will help boost your endurance.  I love to use the analogy of your body as car.  With your car you want to make sure you change the oil regularly and keep it in the best condition as possible so that it does not break down on you.  Well your body is the same way – you want to take care of it because when your body is operating at optimal performance your personal energy levels will increase.

The same way in which you want to keep your car running at top performance, when your body is doing the same you will also be able to more effectively combat any health problems.  I remember when at one point when I first began my weight loss and health journey I lost 40 pounds over the course of several months.  During that time I was exercising on a regular basis and eating very health.  As a result I never got sick during that time.  While everyone around me was catching the winter cold and feeling miserable, I was doing great and did not get sick again until I failed and stopped my regular exercise and healthy eating habits.

Strength training is one of the benefits of regular exercise

And of course, by engaging in regular physical activity you can greatly improve your muscle strength and definition.  Now gaining muscle mass does not interest everyone, but just because you may be doing strength training does not mean you’re going to get huge biceps like the body builders have.  Although you want to push yourself while doing strength training, you will not get those huge muscles.  It takes a lot of work with added effort and time in the gym to build muscle mass in that manner.  One of the biggest fears for women in doing strength training is that they will get huge muscles.  This is completely not true and in fact they should do strength training as well in order to prevent the loss of muscle tissue.

You can reap the benefits of regular exercise by getting started today with a good workout routine.  You will be able to see marked improvement in your health, energy, weight, and muscle strength.  It is never a good idea to forgo any time of physical activity.  If you do not currently have an active lifestyle it may be difficult to get started.  Just start out slow and slowly incorporate more into your daily routine.  The more you do it, the easier it gets as it becomes more of a daily habit for you.